Green And Blue Buoys

For Players

 Green BuoyBlue Buoy
SharksNot availableAvailable
Treasure ChestNot availableAvailable
Special fishesNot availableAvailable
Mini worms65-85 secNot available
Mini worms+0 weekly point-
Sticky wormsNot available55-75 sec
Sticky worms-+0 weekly point
Big worms55-65 sec45-55 sec
Big worms+0 weekly point+2 weekly points
Candy worms45-55 sec35-45 sec
Candy worms+0 weekly point+4 weekly points
Without worms360 sec * event390 sec * event
Player casts201.5 * # total of buoys
 FixedNever less than 15
Group onlywin 30% morewin 30% more
  • The "Wait time" is discounted to the cast time.

For LandOwners

 Green BuoyBlue Buoy
Tax20% | 40%(free)10% | 25% | 50% | 65%(free)
Player casts2040
Multiplier eventsNot availableAvailable
Prize contributionsL$0.03/fishL$0.06/fish
Group onlyFish value increases by 30%Fish value increases by 30%
Worm Sales10% bonus for buoy budgetup to 70% bonus for buoy budget