123s Of Magic Fishing

  • The 1 2 3s of Magic Fishing.

 1.  Items Needed.

A. Rod

B. Hud

 2.  How To Fish

A. Once you locate a spot your rod will take about 1 minute to load (black timer will reflect that). Once the rod is loaded a blue text will appear at the tip for you to click a bouy. Once you do that, then simply click your rod to cast.

B. You will at times have to answer a maths question, if for some reason you are unable to do so in a timely manner, the rod simply resets and the countdown begins again much like when you first arrived at that spot.

 3.  Worms

A. Although worms are not needed to fish, but if you do the math you will see that fishing with worms will be able to earn more profit per day, you can purchase worms from any barrel at each fishing spot and you will be helping to maintain the buoy active.

B. There are benefits to buying worms: less casting times, chance of winning MF Lucky Stars, Potions, more Weekly points(if in blue buoy) and winning worms of the ones you fish with.

C. Fishing with worms you will gain more experience faster, + experience = + profit (Experience and Profit).

 4.  Extra Rewards

A. You can also win Magic Secret Potions, they can either be good or bad, they can give you 15 points on your rank or take 10 away.

B. Lucky Magic Stars are another reward you can catch. They will give you not only points on your Weekly contest rank but linden as well in different amounts.

 5.  Getting Paid

A. Each player can cash out 300L$ per day. If you find you make more than that amount, send in a request to ask it to be raised.

 6.  Our Hud

A. Random locations is simply that, it will take you to a random fishing spot.

B. List of locations, it will show only the top 30 locations on the list. It will always list the highest multiplier first.

C. Always keep your Hud placed to receive alerts about multiplier events.

 7.  Information

A. The Website.

B. Issues/Questions ect.