123s Of Magic Crystals

  • The 1 2 3s of Magic Crystals.

 1.  Items Needed.



B. Weblist of locations

 2.  How to hunt magic crystals

A. Please visit a hunting location through our weblist or HUD.

B. Find a crystal and click to get started.

C. Wait for the countdown and click again at the end to answer the anti-boot question.

 3.  Invisible crystals

Some crystals may have recently been hunted by other players and are invisible, come back later and they will be visible and ready to play.

 4.  Getting Paid

A. Each Magic Crystals will pay directly to your Secondlife account, no need to withdraw money through ATM.

 6.  Limitations

Can't hunt the same Crystal twice in a row!

 7.  Information

A. The Website.

B. Issues/Questions ect.